Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ovation Sound. Winston Salem, NC

There are some things that I didn't actually think I would ever be doing.

"What are those things?" you may ask. of them is recording an album.

You know that little show about which I blogged a little while ago? The Wild Party. That debaucherous, curse word ridden, relationship shattering (yes, I said it) show? We are currently in a studio working on the Original Cast Recording of said show.

I am tired. I haven't had a shower. And I have tons of homework waiting on me tonight.

But I couldn't be happier.

One life goal: Record an album.


Monday, March 10, 2008

At times, I think that enrolling in a course just because I knew that I would be doing arts and crafts once a week was a great idea.

Then I have to take notes. And I get confused. And the actually Chemistry part of Chemistry in Art rears its ugly head.

Now don't get me wrong. I love silk painting, glass making, and copper etching just as much as the next artsy fartsy college student. But when its associated with ionic bonds and binders and tempers and balancing equations and...well...SCIENCE IN head hurts just writing about it.

Then again, I'm sure that if I weren't blogging in the midst of all of these foreign terms, I might understand them better.

I should get back to that...maybe...


I wonder if anyone has written on my Facebook wall.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

No more school.

Dear Spring Break,

I think its time we had a talk.

I am a little hurt by your infrequent visits. We used to be best friends. Now, you only come around once a year. I mean, sure, you are fun to hang out with and I always feel really relaxed when I'm with you. But after you leave...everything goes back to normal. Its like you were never here.

You even took your toothbrush out of the bathroom. Why would you take your toothbrush? You act like you're never coming back or something.

You know, if our mutual friend Easter Break wasn't coming to visit soon, I might be taking this a lot harder.

Its ok that you want to go see other people. But next time, please, stay a little while longer.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is My Life.

Oh Kurt Halsey. You've never said it better.

Sometimes I wonder why girls...I'm sorry...young women are so intrigued by men who spend the evening talking about themselves.

Who cares what you have to say if you're not concerned with how SHE is really feeling?

I mean, don't get me wrong...I'm sure that she is enjoying your narcissistic conversation because you're scratching her back...but do you know what her favorite CD is? What's her favorite TV show?

Learn that. And then there will be reason enough to scratch her back.

I've earned it. Have you?

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I went to church this morning.

When I got there a man that I have known since I was ten came up to me and gave me a bag. Inside the bag was a leather-bound, high-quality, Spirit-Filled Life Study Bible, with gilded pages and my name engraved on the cover. I was speechless.

I have never received and don't think I ever will receive a gift that means more than this. I have wanted a study Bible for the longest time, but I've never had the money to splurge and buy one that would be worth it. Yet, a man I only see twice a year payed eighty dollars to make sure that I have something that will serve a great purpose to my daily life and the fulfilling of my potential for a very long time.

This is what Christmas is all about. Not the eighty dollar gift. But the intent behind the giving.

Thank you, Gerald.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Technology Schmechnology

If there was a technology train, my father would be on the very back of the caboose. Better yet, he would be trailing along tied by the ankle to a rope whose other end was attached to the caboose of said 'technology train.'  

All this is to father just got a cell phone this evening.

A cell phone which was activated, programmed, and charged by me. 

My poor father. He didn't even know that there was a backlight on the phone. Every time the backlight went out, he got really angry and said things like, "Dang it, I thought this phone was supposed to stay on." and "I didn't turn this off! What's going on!?"

I'm afraid now that he has this new fangled contraption, he will forever be plagued by the fact that it keeps turning on and off by itself.

Oh dad. Give me a call as soon as you figure that thing out.

You've got my number.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

...So...About Last Night

Last Night

Nights that begin with me taking pictures like this are bound to be interesting.

I will forever be baffled by the fact that Vanilla Rum makes me a different person. But I'm also ok with that person.

I indulged in a game of Doomstack (the hot new drinking commodity), had a long conversation that wouldn't have happened had I been sober, and also participated in my SECOND round of Spin the Bottle this weekend, all in one night. I know this may sound petty to most other twenty one year olds, but here is why it is a big deal for me:

  • Until 2 nights ago, I had never made out with anyone at Catawba.
  • Until 2 nights ago, my lips had never touched another male's other than my father at the age of 6.
  • Until 2 nights ago, I'd never actually been drunk enough to just want to have sex with whoever might have been the first to ask.
I blame it on The Wild Party. If I hadn't been cast in the role of a rather promiscuous man, I wouldn't feel like playing Spin the Bottle every time I found myself in a large group of people.

The Diet

All this talk of The Wild Party brings me to the diet.

Over Christmas Break, I will be running and doing Pilates every morning.
Over Christmas Break, I will be eating small portions of foods I probably won't even like.
Over Christmas Break, I will be getting on a scale every time I use the bathroom.

...and for the first time, I'm ok with that.

I currently weigh about 237 pounds. I'd like to weigh 215 by the time the show opens.

It can be done.

I think I'll talk a page from Candace Neal, and document it in another blog.


The Morning

Its almost 3 am.

I'm going to bed.